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Erbil Tunaboylu was born in Istanbul in 1985. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Industrial Design at the University.

During his university years, he and his friends worked in art and design, where they designed sculptures, oil paintings and furniture for hotels, residences, private sector.


After university, he started his master's education in Milan. After his master's degree in Politenico di Milano University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Design Management & Construction Technology, he started his own company in 2013 and started to work in many fields such as residences, offices, restaurants, hotels. established Platform, which provides services in the field.

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  • Architectural design, project and construction.

  • Interior design, project and construction.

  • Architectural and interior design consultancy.

  • Turnkey project.

  • Construction supervision and construction management.

  • Coordinating different interdisciplinary projects-construction such as mechanics, electrical, civil engineering and landscaping.


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